Green Book (2018)

Rated R, but the bad language is very minimal.

“Controversy Month” begins in this episode (the Next 160 Project) as we cover a clumsy flick about a virulent racist learning to respect at least 1 (brilliant) black person. Green Book was popular with a lot of people and even won the Best Picture Oscar for Peter Farrelly. Yup, the guy who made Dumb And Dumber. And, yes, it’s got some winning qualities as the actors, particularly Mahershala Ali, do some lovely work. Well, the usually reliable Viggo Mortensen…not so much. The fact is, this Driving Miss Daisy for the 2010s is even more inadequate than last year’s Best Picture winner, The Shape Of Water. At least it provided us with an epic amount on which to chew—and even argue about—as Ryan plays devil’s advocate to Bev’s SJW. There’s also a Roma-inspired “home v theatre” rant at the end Ryan has been thinking about for months. So steal a rock from a roadside vendor and gnaw on a whole pizza as we devour the movie that showed the world that racism was solved way back in 1962.

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For The Record: One of Tony’s relatives calls Don a “tutsoon” in the ending dinner sequence, which does in fact mean the same thing as “eggplant”…or that much worse word. Also, Charles Wessler is not black, so the 5 producers who won Oscars are all as white as paper. Also also, Sebastian ManisCALCO is his name, not ManisCALSO.


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