The Departed (2006)

Rated extremely R for what should be obvious reasons.

In the 388th Ellises’ Analysis, we’re back on the Martin Scorsese mob-movie train. The Depahted is a high-energy remake that finally won Marty an Oscar, even though it’s something of a greatest hits flick, especially for this living legend and his frequent collaborators. While it’s entertaining and the cast is an impressive collection of talent, the film doesn’t have the depth or staying power that Scorsese’s best pictures do. Is this even in his Top 5? Anyway, make no mistake, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon doing fine work in the compare-and-contrast lead moles…uh, make that roles…you know you’re in good hands. So don’t be a rat in Jack Nicholson’s gangster crew and please don’t make an appointment with the worst therapist in Bahston…or perhaps in the entire world. Just settle in for a solid hour of us celebrating AND grousing about ol’ Bullet To The Head.

Well, Actually: Stanley Kubrick won an Oscar for 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Visual Effects (not an Honorary Award). Also, Orson Welles won a trophy for co-writing Citizen Kane and then many years later DID win an Honorary Oscar too. Also also, Chloe Zhao won the DGA award for Best Director, as expected.

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