Swing Time (1936)

Swing Time (28:39)

Swing Time

16 podcasts in and this Astaire & Rogers dance-fest is our first full-fledged musical. Plop down in a comfy chair whilst Bev & Ryan tear the plot and the characters to shreds. Stay comfy as Bev goes on a lengthy rant about the film’s absurdities. And slouch in your chair even more as we debate not only the validity of this film’s inclusion on the AFI Top 100, but the validity of the musical itself. You might not have heard of this flick before now, but you won’t soon forget it once we’re done with it!

5 thoughts on “Swing Time (1936)

  1. Dear God, I hope I never have to encounter anything I hate as much as Bev hated this movie.

  2. So, you guys have definitely done some brilliant podcasts over the course of this project. However, this one remains my very favorite so far. It almost makes me want to see “Swing Time” just to experience the horror that Bev so eloquently describes. I love a good scathing review and you guys nailed it!

    1. Thanks so much, man! Bev was delighted to hear that. We watch Star Wars tonight and podcast it next week in preparation for it to come out May the 4th. Yup, May the 4th! I’m sure there will be some humorous slams in that one too, even from me, a guy who loves him some wars in the stars.

      1. May the 4th be with you to! Was that planned from the start or merely coincidence? 🙂
        I’m excited about that one. I teach high school and middle school English, and each winter, I show Star Wars to my 8th Graders as an introduction to the “Hero’s Journey” unit. Yes, thematic essays on Luke Skywalker’s adventures make for very enjoyable reading! Each year, I’m stunned by how many students have never seen the film! It’s fun to see their reactions, which are (mostly) positive!

      2. Coincidence. I didn’t even notice until about a month ago. It worked out so well.

        We watched the Wars last night, the podcast will be recorded next week. Gotta be a fun one and I’m guessing it’ll be fairly popular.

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