Us (2019)

Rated PG. Just a few S-words, nothing worse.

For the last episode in Scary Movie Month, we tethered ourselves to the couch and checked out Jordan Peele’s blockbuster follow-up to his blockbuster debut. While Peele’s Get Out is leaner and has a more-believable sci-fi premise, Us hits a lot of its own effectively eerie notes. This flick is worth a 2nd and even a 3rd look just to try to spot all the film & TV references and sift through the subtleties. Lupita Nyong’o is brilliant and was worthy of a closetful of awards playing 2 distinct characters. She and her terrific co-stars also REALLY get to play with the hero/villain dynamic. There’s so much duality and subtext here. Maybe a little too much? Anyway, don’t let some punk clone switch you out or make you hold hands with strangers. Just pound the play button on the 365th Ellises’ Analysis, but before you do, please be like Jason and put on your damn mask!

Well, Actually: Us was NOT a bigger hit than Get Out (which made about a million bucks more). Also, the song we couldn’t remember is “I Got 5 On It”.

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