The Social Network (2010)

R rated for some unsightly words.

Social Network, The

For some, this was the greatest movie of the twenty-tens, but, whether you dig the flick or not, it’s hard to argue that it predicted the future. Now that social media has become a gigantic, world-changing industry (for good and—far too often—for bad), David Fincher’s Facebook Movie has even more relevance than it did 10 years ago. The Next 178 Project digs into “nerd misogyny”, wonders how big is big enough and ponders just how hooked we are on the convenience & ubiquity of liking/sharing/trolling. Jesse Eisenberg is eerily good at playing “Mark Zuckerberg”, although now that we know the real guy better than we did a decade ago, maybe those quotes aren’t even necessary. The real Mark is pretty much a Bond villain now. So lend us some of your time, but in keeping with the situation, don’t forget to like us and subscribe to our stuff!

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