The Sound Of Music (1965)

The Sound Of Music (38:37)

Sound Of Music, The

The most-successful musical of all time is the 67th T100P podcast. Despite the megawatt sunniness of Julie Andrews, the movie ventures into some rough subject matter (ie. stupid Nazis). Good thing the singing nun has her do-re-mi, her favorite things and her sounds of music. Blockbusters don’t get huger than this. Our thoughts await you!


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5 thoughts on “The Sound Of Music (1965)

  1. Bev doesn’t say, “I’m a good guesser”, but Ryan does because he didn’t get that one at all. I love the first Vacation, but don’t really know the other ones (although Christmas Vacay is pretty decent).

    1. The first is a classic, and Christmas is close. Vegas I really don’t remember much about. Euro was probably my least favourite of the four, but Jill loves it, so I’ve seen it a few times in the last handful of years.

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