Lost In America (1985)

 Rated R, which is ironic considering a plot point early in the movie.

Next 100 Project ep #128 gives us a nice turn on the “they went looking for America and instead found themselves” angle. Albert Brooks’ yuks riot slips in clever commentary on the entitlement of people who want to chuck it all, but only if they have a nice camper and a really big nest egg. Just don’t say “nest” or “egg.” Oh, and don’t rely on 22, 22, 22! Julie Hagerty & Brooks are a delightful comic couple in this road movie that provides belly laughs from start to that gut-busting finish. To keep you awake on that drive from Arizona to Manhattan, buy some Sparkplug Coffee. You will score a nice little 10% discount by typing in our promo code “top100project” at checkout.

For The Record: Super Dave’s real name is not Dave Einstein. It’s Stewart Robert “Bob” Einstein…and he is Albert Brooks’ older brother.


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