Welcome To The Dollhouse (1996)

Rated R for a smattering of offensiveness.

Welcome To The Dollhouse

Todd Solondz has been a master of “cringe cinema” for more than 25 years and Welcome To The Dollhouse is the misanthropic director at his peak. He understands what real children and real teenagers go through better than most filmmakers do and he certainly understands the effects of bullying. Heather Matarazzo’s take on Dawn Wiener is nicely complex too because she isn’t just a sweet victim of the jerks at school or a victim of her own indifferent family. She’s awkward and out of touch with the kids at school, but she also has no trouble paying that abuse forward to younger kids. So show your fingers to your unattainable crush before the dangerous boy who likes you threatens to do terrible things, but first inhale the 424th Ellises’ Analysis as we try our best to get into a good school while we break down this movie.

Well, Actually: It’s actually Robert Wisdom in that infamous sex scene with Selma Blair in Storytelling, not Keith David.

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