Wuthering Heights (1939)

Wuthering Heights (24:51)

Wuthering Heights

The 20th Top 100 Project podcast is this tortured-love soaper. Settle in for a recurring comparison to a fellow AFIer released 58 years later, to hear Bev’s theory about why this movie is as popular as it is, and to discover our choice for the real villain of this piece (hint: it’s the lady!). Also, we’ve got a new sponsor! All that and quite a tick more awaits you.

2 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights (1939)

  1. Since when does Rotten Tomatoes give ANYTHING a 100% rating? I’ve never really given any thought to watching this one. How you’ve described it is exactly how I’ve always pictured it. And yeah, for the most part I can do without romantic melodramas. Curious to hear about whether you enjoy ‘Gone With the Wind’ much more.

    Looking forward to the Not 100 Project’s debut next week: great idea! And nice new intro. I wish I had an excuse to use the phrase “riddled with spoilers” more often.

    1. Plenty of movies are probably 100% on RT, but it’s shocking that Wuthering Heights is one of them. Gone With The Wind comes up soon (September 9th). We’re trying to jig our time to see a 4-hour movie. It isn’t going to be easy and my butt is numb from thinking about it.

      As always, Grant, we thank you for your comments and support. You should find a way to say “riddled with spoilers” every single day. There MUST be a way!

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