Doctor Zhivago (1965)

Doctor Zhivago (37:52)

Doctor Zhivago

Da, comrades, it’s David Lean’s Russian picture postcard period piece. One of the biggest box-office hits ever is a dream for your eyeballs (especially when Julie Christie is onscreen), but this butt-numbing flick aspires to be more than just a doomed romance between her & Omar Sharif. Does it succeed? Hitting play will answer that question.


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5 thoughts on “Doctor Zhivago (1965)

      1. I did the same. I was a fan of The John Ritter Show (costarring a bunch of cute chicks and zany neighbours), but didn’t remember that detail.

        The answer to mine: True Romance, where Slater called his suitcase of coke “Doctor Zhivago”.

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