Mary Poppins (1964)

 Rated G(ood) for all ages.

It’s the one about Sharry Bobbins! The Next 132 Project gets into all of our complaints about this over-long and plot-flimsy Disney favourite. We just don’t have the same enthusiasm critics and crowds do. You can’t argue though that it’s a beloved musical with top-shelf songs and a lovely debut performance by Julie Andrews. Bev has thoughts about how this movie commits the sin of crossing class lines and she’s also got some wacky drug theories. Although maybe it’s not so wacky…this was the ’60s. So gear up for Mary Poppins Returns later this week spit spot by ordering some Sparkplug Coffee and listening to our gibby gab. If you want a discount from Sparkplug, enter “top100project” at check-out to save yourself 10% on the order.

For The Record: The sequence where they jump into the painting and lengthy weirdness ensues is necessary to introduce Supercalifragil etc, so we’re wrong to suggest nothing important happens during all that.


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