Monty Python And The Holy Grail (1975)

 Rated PG. We didn’t offend anyone’s audio canals.

So it’s Monty Python then. Holy Grails and all that. You know these guys. They’re comedy legends. They’re The Beatles of satire. Do we need to say more? Okay, we’re no the biggest Python nerds of all time and we criticized over-the-top fandom quite a bit here. Also, the movie peters out in the second half and we (prepare to be appalled) just don’t get the Knights Who Say Ni. But, faults aside, this inspired bit of lunacy is still jammed to the coconuts with incredibly big laughs. So GET ON WITH IT because episode #368 is ready for a listenin’.

Well, Actually: We covered Rashomon nearly 3 months ago, not 1 month ago. Also, Swedish for “with” is “med”. Also also, Graham Chapman is indeed in The Meaning Of Life.

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