Fantasia (1940)

Fantasia (42:52)

Fantasia (wordpress)

With this little ditty, we’re 20% of the way through AFI’s list! Podcast #25 takes us into the surreal with a mixture of animation and classical music. Bring on a spirited debate as we strongly disagree about the AFI-worthiness. Who likes the cartoon and who doesn’t might surprise you! Or it might not! Anyway, Fantasia is an audio-visual experience like no other on the Top 100 list and our audio musings about it await your attention.

One thought on “Fantasia (1940)

  1. Definitely a big influence on animation use in music video. ‘Yellow Submarine’ is a great example. It has a “plot,” but its development and resolution is pretty loose, and the unrelated musical vignettes are what really gives the film most of its charm. Let’s not forget Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” which was at least as well made as “Big Time.” And then there are the animated scenes in ‘The Wall.’ ‘Fantasia’ in Hell.

    Also, Matt Groening loves this film. He’s mentioned on many a Simpsons DVD commentary that it’s a dream of his to do a Springfield version that he refers to as Simpstasia.

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