Harvey (1950)

Rated PG. Pretty acceptable for the whole fam.

Despite the great political news in the past few days, we all still need laughs in our lives, so Funny Movie Month continues. Our 367th Ellises’ Analysis digs into a 70-year-old mental-illness comedy with the giant, invisible rabbit. It’s also a movie that just roots for nice people. Too bad Harvey doesn’t cause more guffaws, especially considering it’s one of the AFI’s highest-ranked comedies. Also, sorry to say, but even though this might be one his most-beloved roles, we’re not as over the moon as many fans are about Jimmy Stewart in this goofy flick. There’s still fun to be had with this one though, so pour a couple of martinis (make that many, MANY martinis) and have a friendly hang with us as we talk about Mr. Dowd and his pooka.

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