Gremlins (1984)

Rated R. We threw in a few swears. We were due.

A Christmas movie with a bloodthirsty spirit (that definitely should have been rated R) is probably the ideal choice for the end of this awful year. Violent pranksters that easily multiply, then infest small towns and cause havoc? Yup, that seems appropriate for 2020. Joe Dante’s mega-hit features some remarkable puppetry & effects by Chris Walas and his team, but the performances by the human actors don’t measure up to those of the Gremlins. It’s their movie and they know it! However, any movie with adorable delights like Gizmo and Phoebe Cates is always worth watching. So work harder at following the rules than Zach Galligan does and don’t get the 372nd Ellises’ Analysis wet, don’t subject it to bright light and never feed this nuclear weapon of a podcast after midnight.

Well, Actually: Indiana Jones And Temple Of Doom was released in May 1984, not in June. Also, the suggestion of setting Mogwai loose in a sunny desert like Iraq is obviously flawed because they would quickly die during the daytime sunlight.

If you’re going to stay awake all night hunting vicious little jerks, you might want to get some Sparkplug Coffee in ya. And if you want a 20% discount (because who doesn’t want a discount), then fire that promo code (“top100project”) into the promo code section at check-out.

Gizmo’s furry fingers would have made him a sloppy tweeter. We’re slightly better than he is and we are @moviefiend51 and @bevellisellis

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