Vanilla Sky (2001)

Rated R, but we’re mostly just quoting this R-rated film.

Vanilla Sky

2001 was the year of Puzzle Films and covering Vanilla Sky today means we’ve now tackled the 4 big ones. Memento, Mulholland Drive and Donnie Darko are all definitely better than Cameron Crowe’s attempt to stretch himself and they’re certainly not filled with as many maddening flaws. One big problem is that the casting is all wrong. Both of Tom Cruise’s love interests are duds and Cruise, although giving his typical 205% effort, is a little all over the place. Bev speculates that Vanilla Sky is basically just about Cruise’s character’s vanity. Cruise and Crowe wouldn’t agree because they’re straining with all their might to be deep. Whether you agree or whether you don’t, we’ve got a full hour of theories in the 408th Ellises’ Analysis. So don’t delay your pleasure. You need to hear us talk about the man who had it all and even met his dream woman, then lost everything because of his nightmare woman. Or was it all just a dream?!

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