Avatar (2009)

 Rated R. Putrid and lazy screenplays make our tongues acidic.

The 3rd and final waste of our time in “Movies We Hate Month” smacks the taste out of one of the biggest box-office successes of all time. Jim Cameron’s “save the trees” sci-fi extravaganza is pretty in 3D, but it’s also pretty 3dumb. This story has been told many times before—so fair usage for Cameron & crew—but did the screenplay have to be so lazy? And laughable? And just plain dreadful? Not even Sigourney Weaver can save this Sam Worthington/Zoe Saldana-starring crap pile. To help you get through this slog (if, for some reason, you decide to watch it), order some Sparkplug Coffee from our friendly sponsors. You’ll get a 10% discount (one-time only) if you use our promo code: “top100project”.


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