The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938)

 This one is rated A for Acceptable For All Aural Orifices.

Laugh big (HAHAHAHAHA!) as you drink in the Next 106 Project podcast. Errol Flynn is the perfect Robin Hood in the eyes of a lot of people. Bev, however, didn’t agree with that sentiment or all the critical love. Ryan isn’t as gunned about the picture as he used to be either. Context is key though because this action flick is 80 years old…TODAY!  Oh and pound those keys that will take you to Sparkplug Coffee where you can save 10% on your debut order by using the promo code “Top100Project”.

For The Record: There are actually several origins for the phrase “In like Flynn”. Check ’em out here.


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Links to: Captain Blood and Casablanca and Yankee Doodle Dandy and The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves and Pirates Of The Caribbean

YouTube links: “Welcome to Sherwood, m’lady!” and Robin swordfights with Friar Tuck and the archery contest and Robin vs. Sir Guy and Daffy Duck as Robin Hood (with Porky Pig playing Friar Tuck, not Little John)

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