Marathon Man (1976)

Rated R, but it’s a pretty soft R.

Marathon Man

It’s probably safe to listen to the 402nd Ellises’ Analysis…although feel free to ask if it is again. And again. And again. Marathon Man is absolutely filled from start to finish with paranoia, torture and pain. Some of those themes—like the arrogant rich versus the desperate poor—have barely aged. The film’s subtext remains oh so timely even 45 years later. The acting styles of Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier famously clashed hard, but that also brings sizzle to the squirm-inducing scenes they have together. And, yes, the poster isn’t lying. It’s a thriller. So go get that stash of diamonds and don’t fall on your own sleeve-knife in the process, but also just try acting as we feverishly chat about Dusty on the run.

Well, Actually: We’ve covered Hoffman in 8 films now, including Kramer vs. Kramer. Also, Hoffman turns 84 later this week (on August 8th). Also also, Hoffman definitely has socks on his feet when the “is it safe” scene first begins.

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