Touch Of Evil (1958)

 Rated G, for once. All the children who are obsessed with this movie can listen to us and not be traumatized by our potty mouths.

In the most logical move in film history, Charlton Heston plays a Mexican (cue the hilarity!) in our 103rd Next 100 Project endeavour. He’s actually pretty good and Janet Leigh is also strong in a difficult role. Orson Welles outdoes ’em all though as an extremely corrupt cop…and also as the film’s brilliant director. This was a B movie when it came out, but it has become a noir classic. Technical marvel though it is, the story is a puzzle (which is both a compliment and a criticism). To snag some scrumptious Sparkplug Coffee with a 10% discount on your 1st order, use the code “Top100Project”.


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