Spider-Man 2 (2004)

This one is safe for all ears.

For the Next 155 Project, we spend a good long while jamming about all the big-screen Spider-Man pictures, not just #2. In #2 specifically, though, Peter Parker is the young webslinger with performance anxiety battling Doc Ock, the careless scientist who warps into a potential mass murderer. Despite that grim set-up, director Sam Raimi teamed with squeaky-voiced Tobey Maguire to make a bright, fun sequel that improved upon the previous monster hit. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though. The cast isn’t as strong in these roles as other actors have been in other Spidey flicks (one guy in particular is……just not good). Regardless, this flick helped build comic-book movies as the go-to crowd-pleasing, money-making genre.

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For The Record: Another sequel that was nominated for AFI’s Top 100 List without the first in the series also being nominated: Goldfinger. Also, Ryan says it’s the 1st Spider-Man where Miss Brant bugs Jameson on the intercom about taking his pills, but that happens in the 3rd movie.


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