The Purple Rose Of Cairo (1985)

Rated PG. There’s just an S-word or two.

We haven’t covered the controversial Woody Allen since we reviewed Annie Hall 5 years ago, but The Purple Rose Of Cairo simply must be seen and discussed. It’s one of the man’s best efforts. We spent 5 or 6 minutes near the top jawing about his very tainted legacy in this Next 192 Project, but the majority of the show gets into the bittersweet delights in the 35-year-old flick. Mia Farrow and Jeff Daniels are tremendous in this fantastical love story where a movie character steps off the screen and romances a lonely lady. It’s delicious escapism and a very funny way to kill some COVID time, so get started hearing us break it down for you.

Well, Actually: Back To The Future was indeed on AFI’s Top 100 Genres list, but it was in the Sci-Fi category, not the Fantasy category. Also, it’s in Stardust Memories where aliens say they prefer Woody Allen’s “early, funny” films.

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