The Truman Show (1998)

 Rated R, but the cursing is pretty mild and infrequent.

Truman Show 2

The 108th dip into the Next 100 Project pond takes us into the world of Reality Television and the fake world of Truman Burbank. Our podcasts spend a lot of time praising fine films, but this is truly one of the most-fascinating pictures of the modern era. Jim Carrey? Wow. Laura Linney and Ed Harris (complete with his God complex)? Somethin’ else. Peter Weir’s world of make-believe is funny and emotional and prescient. This one is even better now than it was 20 years ago. Hasten over to where you’d be wise to save 10% on your first order if you use the promo code “Top100Project”.

For The Record: The movie in which Carrey looks like a homeless man and plays “The Hermit” is The Bad Batch. Also, Ed Harris has 4 Oscar nominations, not 5.


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YouTube links: The opening scene and Truman suspects something is off and Jim Carrey gets to be Jim Carrey and Meryl breaks character and “cue the sun” and Christof tries to drown Truman and the final bow 

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