Away From Her (2007)

 Rated PG. We kept our verbiage cleaner than the actors did.

Away From Her

I suppose you’d be wise to spend some of your Valentine’s Day hearing us warble about Julie Christie, Gordon Pinsent and friends do mighty good work in Away From Her. The 2 leads are quiet dynamite, but Olympia Dukakis, Michael Murphy and Kristen Thomson are a fair bit of gentle TNT themselves. Sarah Polley’s debut as both a writer and director is a sensitive, lovely film about senior citizens. What’s especially impressive is that Polley was only 27 years old when she made it. So don’t disappear. Just learn to accept that your life is changing (maybe not for the better) as the 429th Ellises’ Analysis sorts through the beautiful, but devastating angles of this lyrical opus to aging and Alzheimer’s.

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