Scrooged (1988)

 Rated R. There’s swearing, but it’s only here and there.


If you like your Christmas movies–especially the stars of your Christmas movies—to be very big and very loud, Bill Murray’s hard-drinking performance in Scrooged probably feels like your perfect slice of turkey. It’s an unpopular opinion, but we weren’t Murray fans in this movie, especially in the unearned finale where he just comes across as phony and desperate. He also seems…gulp…miscast? He certainly doesn’t seem like the right man for the job whenever the focus is on the love story with the delightful Karen Allen. It didn’t help at all that the versatile Richard Donner was apparently a terrible match directing his improvisational star. But, hey, what do we know? This is a beloved holiday comedy, one of the favourites for legions of people. So whether you think you’ll agree with our take or not, put a little podcast in your e-e-ears as the 421st Ellises’ Analysis tears Scrooged a new one.

Well, Actually: Joel Murray was indeed in a couple of movies that Bobcat Goldthwait directed (Shakes The Clown and God Bless America).

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