It Follows (2015)

 Rated R because when STDemons are on your tail, it’s hard to un-foul your tongue.

The 122nd edition of the Next 100 Project is our 1st of 4 consecutive horror pictures in Scary Movie Month. It’s also the 1st episode that was recorded in our new house. You’ll definitely notice (and no doubt prefer) the difference in sound quality. Anyway, Maika Monroe is really solid in the lead role of this fascinating & extremely effective freakshow. David Robert Mitchell takes influences from many fright flicks of the past (Halloween, I’m looking at you) and yet still makes this movie completely his own. Just watch out for the tall man, the boy next door and maybe even your own family members! Snag some Sparkplug Coffee and don’t neglect to enter “top100project” at check-out to win a one-time 10% discount.

For The Record: Mitchell’s previous movie was The Myth Of The American Sleepover. Also, after checking this pretty carefully, it seems there were 8 (not 9) nominees for AFI’s Villains list from Alfred Hitchcock movies (along with the 2 villains that did make the cut).


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