Requiem For A Dream (2000)

Rated R for a few choice words.

Darren Aronofsky’s cautionary tale is over the top, loud, a bit dated and sometimes hysterical, but it’s also heartbreaking. And it was influential, especially on commercials and movie trailers. Might it also be thought of as a horror film? We have thoughts. The Next 179 Project goes down all those avenues and also gets into the film’s many technical merits, particularly the editing and the music. The actors (led by a tour-de-forcing Ellen Burstyn) have to play the ugly side of drug addiction, but they also get to play broken people yearning for a dream of a past they want to have back…or maybe never had in the first place. On that cheery note, engage our ‘cast about the requeiming and the dreaming.

For The Record: Jim in The Basketball Diaries is indeed a teenager. Also, it might not sound clear that at the 29:25 mark, Ryan says “she f’s WITH him a few times.”

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