Saw (2004)

Rated R for reasonable amounts of bad swears.

The judgmental jerkholes who host the Next 169 Project want to play a game. That’s great! Games are fun. Or maybe this game is over-stuffed with often illogical twists and it spawned a gore-filled franchise. Director James Wan and writer/co-star Leigh Whannell teamed up to make a tension-filled, low-budget film, but their product was also an inspiration for Escape Rooms. Hey, we’re fans of those! So, anyway, we did a lot of things in this ep. We ripped on the cheap production values, we used the words “ret-conned” & (believe it or not) “restraint” and we talked a lot about the Saw-quels. Whether you like this influential freakshow or not, the hard-working brain-cancer guy has become a horror icon. Not bad for a villain who’s been dead longer than he was alive throughout the series’ convoluted timeline!

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For The Record: Buried never leaves the coffin (apart from showing other characters on Ryan Reynolds’ phone who ARE elsewhere).


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