Saw (2004)

Rated R for reasonable amounts of bad swears.

The judgmental jerkholes who host the Next 169 Project want to play a game. That’s great! Games are fun. Or maybe this game is over-stuffed with often illogical twists and it spawned a gore-filled franchise. Director James Wan and writer/co-star Leigh Whannell teamed up to make a tension-filled, low-budget film, but their product was also an inspiration for Escape Rooms. Hey, we’re fans of those! So, anyway, we did a lot of things in this ep. We ripped on the cheap production values, we used the words “ret-conned” & (believe it or not) “restraint” and we talked a lot about the Saw-quels. Whether you like this influential freakshow or not, the hard-working brain-cancer guy has become a horror icon. Not bad for a villain who’s been dead longer than he was alive throughout the series’ convoluted timeline!

This concludes our 4th Annual Scary Movie Month, but if you dig horror flicks, we’ve covered 20 or 25 of them in the past 6+ years so look in our back catalogue for some fright-filled classics. Also, for more about classic horror pictures and scary moments, check out Chris and Ryan’s Lionheart podcast. That Scoring At The Movies episode will be posted on Halloween.

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For The Record: Buried never leaves the coffin (apart from showing other characters on Ryan Reynolds’ phone who ARE elsewhere).


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