Mother! (2017)

Rated R for some ferocious cursing here and there.

Darren Aronfosky’s polarizing, unsubtle allegory about Mother Nature represents the peak of our “Controversy Month”. Indeed, a lot of people hate this title(!). The Next 161 Project plows into this filmed scream of a movie as we analyze the metaphors, the symbolism and the disturbing arc of this never-ending story. Jennifer Lawrence gets all soulful in an underrated performance (and even bares more of her body than she usually does) while her director swings very big. But, then, he always does. When you cast a Spanish heartthrob as a self-absorbed celebrity God and your future girlfriend as Mother Earth, clearly you’re not afraid to fail. And we think he succeeded immensely. So get your butt off that sink, respect a woman’s house and, for poet’s sake, leave the newborn alone!

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