The Last Temptation Of Christ (1988)

 Unlike Jesus himself, we are Rated R.

The Next 100 Project reaches episode #100 and we do it with an in-depth pre-Easter chat about a life-changing Jesus movie. Willem Dafoe is galvanizing as the Big Guy in Marty Scorsese’s passion project, but what stands out the most are the revolutionary ideas in the story and in the script. Even atheists should give this movie a chance. Strap in because we’ve got a lot of holy topics to tackle. Go to Sparkplug Coffee and save 10% on order numero uno when you use the promo code “Top100Project”.

For The Record: The Miracle Maker came out after Ralph Fiennes had been nominated for 2 Oscars. It’s also debatable to say that H.B. Warner’s career tanked after playing Jesus in The King Of Kings. He was in 136 movies, about half of which were after KoK. Also, Christian Bale played Moses in Exodus: Gods And Kings, not Gods Of Egypt.


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