The Hustler (1961)

 Rated A for All Y’all.


A movie about pool? Those are 2 of Ryan’s favourite things! The 33rd ep in the Next 100 Project explores the rich scenery, the cool writing and the terrific actors in this cynical ’60s classic. Newman is the man, but Piper Laurie might be even better. And who can forget the quiet coolness of Jackie Gleason and the dominant ferocity raging deep in George C. Scott? Buy Sparkplug Coffee, then chalk up your listening ears…or your pool cue. Whichever.

For The Record: Eddie and Fats play “straight pool“, which is basically assigning scores to certain balls. You call the pocket the ball will go in, then you rack up points until you get to 100 (or even 125). As a pool guy, Ryan is ashamed he didn’t know this and explain it in the podcast itself.


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