The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Rated R, but the salty language is fairly minimal.

Activate your power tools, horror fans, because Scary Movie Month is here! For the Next 166 Project, we drive our van down to the deep south to discuss one creepy and weird fright flick. As influential as Halloween was 4 years later, Tobe Hooper’s “kill the teens” scarefest is just as much of an innovative landmark. We discuss if Leatherface is a villain or a victim and we heap praise on the things that work extremely well (especially the last 20 minutes and Marilyn Burns’ committed performance throughout). The movie as a whole is uneven and it’s not as tingle-inducing as it once was. Still, s’effective stuff. This is a lengthy ep considering how short the movie is (we talked a lot about the sequels and the remake), so get a lot more comfortable than the people who made this movie were.

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For The Record: The family of cannibals is also listed as “Hewitt” (not just “Sawyer”), depending where you look online. Also, this image is clearly not on a fencepost, but on top of a gravestone. Also also, the only cars that drive by at the end of the movie are the cattle truck and the pick-up.


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