The Birds (1963)

You oughta know, this episode is rated R.

The Next 123 Project flies back 55 years to tackle our 7th Hitchcock thriller. This isn’t Hitch’s finest work (nor his finest hour from a #metoo standpoint) and Tippi Hedren is subpar as one of the last in a long line of Hitchcock Blondes. There are some solid F/X (especially for the time), some effective freak-outs and tense scenes, at least. The movie also gets better as it goes along, with a terrific last 30 minutes. As for the plot, Bev has a theory about who’s really to blame for the bird attacks. She also has a theory about why the work suffers when great filmmakers lose (or toss away) their wives. Sparkplug Coffee deserves your patronage, so check them out and use the promo code “top100project” to enjoy a 10% discount.

For The Record: Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith do have 1 child together. Also, Don Johnson is a twig on that family tree because he was married to Griffith and is Dakota Johnson’s pop.


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