A Separation (2011)

Rated PG

A Separation 2

Asghar Farhadi’s fair and balanced examination of a crumbling marriage (two crumbling marriages, really) is a tremendous accomplishment. Farhadi deals in ethics, morality, sexism, secrets and a lot of lies. He’s certainly got the cast to pull all of that off. His Oscar-winner shows empathy for all his middle-class and working-class Iranian characters and finds fascinating peel-back-the-layers ways to show the humanity in all of them. A Separation is also an unusual courtroom movie that doesn’t rely on big acting moments in a mahogany-filled room. So don’t shove people out of your apartment or accuse them of petty theft. Just settle in for the 392nd Ellises’ Analysis, but forgive us off the bat for how we butchered Iranian names as badly as we did.

Well, Actually: According to the IMDb, they’re speaking Persian in this film, not Farsi or Urdu.

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