The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

 Rated R because ’50s sci-fi film discussions require dirty mouths.


Aliens attack! Or they threaten to, which gives us plenty of opportunity to crack wise and tear the the story apart. Yup, the 41st Next 100 Project podcast about KlaatuGort and us stupid, stupid humans is the most fun you’ll ever have with this enjoyable, but dated motion pic. Check out Sparkplug Coffee, then put our words in your ears!

For The Records: The other 1951 movie we covered for the T100P was An American In Paris. Also, it’s “gigantism”, not “giantism”. Also also, we’ve seen Arrival since this recording. Terrific sci-fi mind-bender. See it!


Coming Attractions Trivia Answers: ??? and ??? and ??? and ???

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Links to: The Sound Of Music and Patton and Independence Day and Mars Attacks and Contact and the 2008 Day The Earth Stood Still

YouTube links: Klaatu is shot, Gort fires back and the most famous line in the movie and Klaatu’s one and only warning to Earth (and the rest of his parting shot)

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