Lost Highway (1997)

 Rated R.

Lost Highway

The “Month Of Strange Love” goes to extremely trippy places in the 430th Ellises’ Analysis as we try our best to decipher what’s going on in Lost Highway. The American original David Lynch is a wonderful enigma who often gets big-name actors to go to strange places in his baffling art films that don’t always make obvious sense. Look closer though and you also might notice that even such an auteur often repeats themes in his most-noteworthy titles like Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and this. In this outing, Bill Pullman/Balthazar Getty (Billthazar Pully?) is a shockingly unreliable narrator and you can’t trust any of the juicy story the character is…well, narrating. Patricia Arquette is at her badass best in almost every way in this sexy escapade. So let guilt shatter your freaky fantasy because you’ll…never…have…me, but you just might have a fulfilling time listening to our layer-peeling of Lost Highway.

Well, Actually: Ryan’s nutshell isn’t entirely accurate because Pete clearly DOES choose Alice over Sheila (although being inaccurate is never the point of the nutshell). Also, Natasha Gregson Wagner is Robert Wagner’s stepdaughter, not his daughter. Also also, looking up the clip on YouTube reveals that it’s fairly clear that the distorted voice on the intercom in the beginning of the movie DOES sound like the same voice on the intercom at the end.

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