Wayne’s World (1992)

Rated R. We couldn’t wax excellent without being vulgar.

Pop your Queen tape into the deck and dial up the Next 143 Project to hear us having a ball with this very worthy comedy. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey made Wayne & Garth famous on Saturday Night Live first, but this big-screen blockbuster made them legends. Myers made director Penelope Spheeris want to hurl on many occasions and some of the gags in their movie are rather quaint now. Still, all those laughs! Carvey steals the picture from Myers (who’s excellent himself) and everyone else holds their own, with special marks for that Alice Cooper cameo. We give you a 100% no-spew guarantee if you revisit this ’90s gem!

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For The Record: Mark Ruffalo had a brain tumour, not a brain hemorrhage. Also, Ryan says “how was ‘we’re not worthy’ on the Quotes list” when, ironically, he missed adding the word “not” to say “not on the Quotes list”.


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