Total Recall (1990)

Rated R for a bit of quote-swearing.

Get your, uh, self to Mars…or into a lengthy listen of the Next 197 Project. Whichever you’ve been dreaming about more, I guess. We spent plenty of time debating the “is it real or is it a fantasy” angle with this zany plot, which is perfectly appropriate for an open-ended movie like this. What might have been a head-scratching sci-fi flick is instead an ultra-violent F/X-heavy, Ah-nuld vehicle. On the brightest side, it’s one of the man’s finest films. He’s pretty great in it too, even if he’s totally miscast. Paul Verhoeven hit one of 3 consecutive Hollywood home runs with this nutty entry…and 2 of those 3 featured the excellent Sharon Stone. The man was as good as any action/thriller director in that era. So take a break from all the horrible racial strife and crippling pandemic problems as we take you on a “Rekall” vacation of a lifetime…which just might be our real-life vacay future in our “DON’T TOUCH ME” reality.

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