Hot Fuzz (2007)

 Rated R, but that’s more for a smattering of S bombs than worse bombs.

Hot Fuzz

One of the greatest technically creative directors of comedies has got to be Edgar Wright. We love his enthusiasm, his warmth and his talent…although we don’t actually love a lot of his movies. Well, hold on, one of us thinks Shaun Of The Dead is hysterical and the other thinks Wright’s peak of greatness is Hot Fuzz. Both yuck-fests are jammed with homages and references and also a lot of cartoonish (yet also quite gory) violence. And they’re so rewatchable! In Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg plays against type as a pedantic, by-the-book London policeman officer banished to a small town to make friends with the good-natured lug Nick Frost. Oh, and Pegg has to deal with some sinister forces, including the brilliantly funny Timothy Dalton. All in a day’s (paper)work. Listening to the 427th Ellises’ Analysis is for the greater good (the greater good), so stay back or the ginger nut (not to mention all that riff raff) will get it.

A Follow-Up: We’ve seen Last Night In Soho since we recorded this episode. As always, much respect to Edgar Wright’s talent, but we didn’t love the movie and we didn’t find it all that memorable.

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