A Simple Plan (1998)

 Rated R, you money-stealing fools.

With this 131st Next 100 Project episode, we dig into what at least one of us thinks is Sam Raimi’s best work. Bill Paxton was never better and Billy Bob Thornton & Bridget Fonda are terrific too in this “what would you do?” movie. These immensely relatable characters are doomed from the start by a twist of fate and Scott Smith’s tight screenplay makes all the ensuing darkness seem so logical. We also spent a few minutes of this episode jawing about the Henry Fonda “lynching is wrong” classic, The Ox-Bow Incident. To better enjoy all that content, zip over to Sparkplug Coffee and order up some beans. Your 10% discount awaits when you punch in “top100project” at checkout.

For The Record: Darth Vader’s spot on AFI’s Top 100 Heroes & Villains list is technically for The Empire Strikes Back, not for Star Wars BUT the accuracy of the triv question remains intact. Also, Scott Smith’s script this year was for Siberia with Keanu Reeves and Smith’s “Civil” was a TV movie in 2017, not 2018. Also also, Raimi did work with Thornton again. BBT wrote The Gift for Raimi.


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