The Seventh Seal (1957)

 Rated R for a tiny bit of language (truly, it’s scant).

Travel with us to Crusades-era Sweden for Episode #56 in the Next 100 Project. Ingmar Bergman’s iconic film about religious faith and the plague is filled with gorgeously bleak imagery. Max Von Sydow established himself in this picture, but Gunnar Bjornstrand & Bibi Andersson stand out even more. What this one comes down to is, “are you there, God? It’s me, Ingmar.” Before you get out your chess board, hit up Sparkplug Coffee for a dose of some mighty good java.

For The Record: Wild Strawberries was released in America in 1959. Bergman was nominated for his screenplay, but the movie wasn’t nominated for the Foreign Language Film Oscar.


Coming Attractions Trivia Answers: ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? and ??? plus ??? and ??? and ???

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