Argo (2012)

Rated very R for what should be obvious reasons.


Box-office hit Argo was well-loved and won some top prizes at the Oscars a decade ago. In a year that also featured the likes of Amour, Django Unchained and Zero Dark Thirty, was it worthy of winning Best Picture? Well, let’s just say that Bev was not kind to Ben Affleck’s crowning achievement. It doesn’t help that the director (mis)cast himself in the lead role, which whitewashed the real CIA operative he’s playing. Also, as dangerous as the Iranians siege on the American embassy was and the worry that the 6 who escaped might not survive, a lot of the story is fabricated. Yup, this real movie about a fake movie resorted to faking a lot of the drama! Still, Affleck’s film is well-made and it remains taut. So learn your lines, practice your Canadian accent and get comfortable living in someone else’s house because you might be there a while as the 433rd Ellises’ Analysis breaks down Argo…yourself.

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