The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Rated R, but it’s for just one ugly utterance and a few other mild ones

Grand Budapest Hotel

We haven’t yapped about a Wes Anderson movie in over 4 years, so the 390th Ellises’ Analysis was crying out to end that twee drought. Actually, forget that “twee” stuff. Why be so reductive of such a talented filmmaker? Anderson is quirky and precise, plus he loves his eye-popping colours (especially pink), he loves his ensemble casts and he loves making tragicomedies. This film is a little more cold and distant than some of his other ones, but it’s also a surprisingly violent movie about grief and trying to remain civil in uncivil times. However, like all of Wes’ works, The Grand Budapest Hotel is awfully funny. Ralph Fiennes is uncharacteristically hilarious in the leading role and what a sensational supporting cast working with and against him. So settle in for our last movie in Oscar Month as we unravel the delightful threads on this grand turducken.

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