Network (1976)

Network (46:32) Rated R for furiously bad language.

Network for Facebook

Well, there’s nothing the media likes talking about more than the media. It’s fitting that we got mad as hell in this future-seeing satire that rips television and corporate money-licking to shreds. Podcast #94 covers the brilliance of the Chayefsky screenplay, Lumet’s direction and the actors (especially Dunaway & Holden). Hit that link to Sparkplug to get your coffee and then engage our ferocity!

Correction: Magnolia was released 23 years after All The President’s Men and Network, not 33.


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2 thoughts on “Network (1976)

  1. Another film Ryan and I saw together back in the day as TV students at Mohawk. And yes, Best Picture competition was fierce in ’76, and I think this one, ‘Taxi Driver,’ and ‘All the President’s Men’ all would have been better choices than ‘Rocky.’

    Coming Attractions trivia: Raging Bull.

    Also, “Sorkian” sounds to me like a rejected name for an alien race on ‘Star Trek.’

    1. The C.A. Triv is correct. Do you know what else Rocky and Raging share? As for us seeing Network together, you have a better memory than me. I thought the first time I saw Network was in the later ’90s.

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