Donnie Darko (2001)

Rated R, but mostly because we’re just quoting some great lines from the flick.

Donnie Darko

Wait, hang on, another movie about a giant rabbit? Only this time the rabbit doesn’t drink booze and pal around with Jimmy Stewart, but leads a teenager with mental problems down the path of scientific discovery and time travel? Well, yeah! Donnie Darko has been analyzed half to death and that’s impressive considering how indifferently the picture was received 20 years ago. Richard Kelly was only 26 back then and he was making his first (and certainly best) feature film. It’s far from perfect, although it has a slew of incredible moments and a dynamite soundtrack. Jake Gyllenhaal sports a solid Kubrick glower and he showed us many glimpses of how good an actor he was going to become. The whole eclectic cast is up to the task, really, and what a trippy movie they’re in.  Okay, but, what about that plot? We give that question a shot! So stay in your comfy bed, but don’t doubt our commitment to Sparkle Motion as the 397th Ellises’ Analysis rips into the story of Donnie D.

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