Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

 Rated R because…well…F this movie.

There’s no point in pussy-footing around it. We think Driving Miss Daisy is cutesy crap. The Next 138 Project delves deep into this poor choice for the Academy’s Best Picture of 1989 as we analyze the Jessica TandyMorgan Freeman relationship. She’s a cast-iron jerk and he’s a paper-thin Uncle Tom. The actors do the best they can with these clumsy characters, but this film that thinks it’s being sensitive about race is actually quite racist. It was controversial that Bruce Beresford wasn’t nominated for Best Director, but it’s not like he should have been. We had fun rending this movie asunder, so we hope you have just as much fun hearing us rend. And what would go great with this podcast? A steaming cup of java from Sparkplug Coffee. Throw in the promo code “top100project” when you go to the checkout and you’ll get a one-time discount of 10%.

For The Record: The un-nominated directors of Wings and Grand Hotel were William Wellman and Edmund Goulding, respectively. Also, the documentary in which geezer racist George Wallace calls his black assistant/employee his “best friend” was Spike Lee’s 4 Little Girls. Also also, Bryan Singer’s IMDb page shows that he’s got no upcoming projects to direct.


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