13th (2016)

 Rated very, very R for horrendous language.

Warning: if you’re a racist, you’re not going to like this episode. If you’re a phony patriot, you’re not going to like this episode. If you’re a know-it-all SJW, you’re not going to like the end of this episode. That said, we welcome feedback (@moviefiend51 and @bevellisellis) if you think we’re off the mark in the Next 198 Project. Even if you feel we deserve some serious grief, message us. We’re 2 white Canadians analyzing America’s ongoing racial catastrophes, so if we’re willing to tear into these issues, we’re willing to take a little heat for it. Anyway, Ava DuVernay does a beautiful job of showing the insidious path from slavery to prison (which is the new slavery). Unfortunately, her movie remains timely in this insane year of 2020. This based-on-real-life stuff is right in her wheelhouse and we hope she does more films like this, although we hope she won’t have to.

Note: We’re aware of the come-and-go tinny echo on both mics, but especially Ryan’s. It’s either a pesky stand-up fan or the mics we’ve only been using for 3 months are already failing us. We’re working on fixing the problem for future episodes.

Here’s a link to organizations where you can contribute some dollars to the #BLM cause.

Well, Actually: The Ferguson protests happened in August 2014 and we covered Do The Right Thing in August 2015. Also, O.J.: Made In America, which came out the same year as 13th, was also nominated for Emmys AND Oscars.

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