Wild At Heart (1990)

Rated quite R for Lynchian language.

Wild At Heart 2

Mrs. Ellis’ final selection in the “Month o’ Bev” did indeed (as she intended) provide fodder for a furious back-and-forth. The movie in question in the Next 180 Project believes in individuality and personal freedom…and also laying it on very thick (thick lipstick especially). Then again, David Lynch was never known for subtlety. His “comedy” isn’t particularly funny, but his love story doesn’t need quotes around it because there’s no doubt this film is very passionate. Kudos to Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern for selling THAT part of the movie so well. But therein lies the problem: major shifts in tone that just don’t work. As with all Lynch films, this one is complicated and controversial. It’s just not as entertaining or as deliciously horrifying as his best work. So love us tender (or hate us not so tenderly) as we wrap up January with some Wilding & Hearting.

Well, Actually… Precious was entered into about half a dozen film festivals outside North America in 2009, so the Precious team did in fact do A LOT of travelling. Also, Dune is the only Lynch film to have an Oscar nomination for its Sound Mixing.

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