Speed (1994)

Rated E for everyone.

It’s the 300th Ellis episode! Yup, the Next 153 Project represents the 3×100 times you’ve heard Bev & Ryan invade your earholes. Of course, there are more than 300 podcasts in total on this channel, but the numbers get confusing and who’s counting anyway? So…Speedgimmewhatineed! This is such a fun thriller and it’s one of the very best of the Die Hard ripoffs. Jan de Bont (directing his first-ever film!) hit a major home run. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock make a terrific team and one of us also has big hearts for Dennis Hopper as the mad bomber. We talk about Hopper’s lowball ransom, that ludicrous jump, Reeves’ eternal likability and how could we not riff on the “cahns”? This is very simply the best 40 minutes of podcasting you’ll enjoy all day!

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