Pretty Woman (1990)

Rated R for a handful of words with F in them.

There have been many “hooker with a heart of gold” movies, but Pretty Woman has to be on the shortlist of the most lovable ones. That’s largely because Julia Roberts is at her very best (a star was born) and Richard Gere is a great match for her. Credit to them and to director Garry Marshall for making millions of people root so hard for a corporate raider and a pro from Hollywood Boulevard to make it work. Bev took issue with Edward being patronizing towards Vivian and she shares stories about men trying too hard to make connections with women (namely…her). But, really, for a 30-year-old flick made mostly by men, this ‘un tries its best to be feminist. So stop fidgeting, cop a squat (or fearlessly climb a fire escape) and pony up 3000 bucks as you enjoy an Ellis-aided getaway from the virus-laden troubles of the real world with the Next 188 Project.

Some thoughts while editing: Edward doesn’t sleep or drink, he lives in New York, he has major daddy issues, he’s obsessed with being rich. He’s just a nicer, sexier Trump! Also, maybe Hector Elizondo’s character is only nice to Vivian and Edward because Eddie is the richest guy in the hotel. Would Mister Lewis be permitted to let a prostitute stay in his hotel room for a week if he was only moderately wealthy?

Well, Actually… It’s Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, not Doctor Higgins. It’s also Colonel Pickering, not Colonel Worthington.

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